The Face of the Future

We hear a lot about robotics but have you ever really looked at how this segment is advancing and considered the possibilities? Robots – in particular human-like robots – have great potential to become the information source of the future. Rather than approaching a directory board, information kiosks will have robots in place to assist you in finding a location, business, or even information you require.

One example of how this might work can be seen in the technologies developed by Hanson Robotics – whose most famous creation is Sophia. Here, the robot takes on more human like appearances with the goal of providing a more comfortable interaction for humans. This combined with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), delivers a huge potential for human/robotic interactions to increase and become a new norm as public servants, research assistants, and more.

While we are seeing autonomous vehicles, there is something about being in a new location, and having a conversation with the car service driver, or Taxi driver, about points of interest in the area, places to eat, and entertainment venues you might like. Imagine for a moment that your Taxi driver is a robot.

On your way to your hotel, your driver recognizes who you are, personally greets you and asks if there is anything you would like to know about this city. Knowing who yo are, when you ask about dining options near the hotel, your driver responds with options aligned to your preferences, based on your personal profile – all of which has been accessed via the internet.

In My View

The type of robotics seen from Hanson Robotics, is a revolutionary area on the verge of exponential expansion. The use of AI combined with more human like features, beings about a new era in human-computer interaction. The question now is not so much how and where can they be used, but more how comfortable and amenable are humans when it comes to our future and interactions with robots.

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