In the Year 2021

2020 has brought about many changes in both our personal and business lives. The impact due to COVID-19, forced businesses to reactively restructure their operational processes, extend their information ecosystems, and realign their workforces to be mostly remote.

As time pressed on, these business came to realize that having and supporting a remote workforce is an accomplishable reality. In fact there are many now implementing or at least considering maintaining a permanent remote workforce model once the COVID-19 threat is under control and a return-to-office model is considered safe for the employees.

In My View

I believe that 2021 will bring about a continued increase in the remote workforce, as businesses strengthen and enhance their infrastructures and technology capabilities. As a result, we will see the need for tighter security and encryption tools, improved connectivity by internet service providers, more stability in video conferencing technology, increased flexibility and capability in mobile devices, and a renewed emphasis on improving and automating internally and externally facing business processes.

We will also likely see businesses moving to reduce their operating costs by eliminating or significantly reducing their physical offices, which in turn reduces overall operating costs for the facility, utilities, and other associated costs related to occupying and maintaining a physical office environment.

This is a time to learn, plan, and design a business model that is tuned for maximum performance, agility, and stability. It is time to put aside traditional thinking and look ahead and embrace the new way-of-working. It is time to take stock of what you have, where you want to go, and build the infrastructure and processes to get you there. 2021 is only the beginning.

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