So Much Change; Yet The Gap Remains

For decades now, I have stated that in order for businesses to move forward in automating business processes, transition to digital information ecosystems, and change the user mindset – business and IT must join forces and work as a team. Yet in a recently released AIIM report titled “The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Business Processes“, the biggest frustration cited is a “lack of business and IT understanding each other”.

When it comes to digital transformation, it is imperative that the business and IT groups function as a team. Businesses should provide clear – or as clear as possible – business and functional requirements about the tasks and processes they use and require to transact business. IT should document those functional requirements and work to transform them into technology requirements that will meet the needs of the business. (Hmmm, isn’t this what a Business Analyst would do?)

In My View

In today’s business world there is no time or room to be confrontational. COVID-19 and other external forces have dictated the need for change and are driving Digital Transformation for many, as a result of the need to support a remote workforce when there previously wasn’t one, and the realization that a remote workforce is in fact, highly doable.

Business and IT must set the tone in building a cross-functional team that can work as one in moving the organization forward. Lack of business and IT “understanding” each other is not acceptable, and should not impair the inevitable change that must happen in order for businesses to survive and prosper. As they say on the Underground in London, “Mind the Gap”, and make the crossover through your Digital Transformation efforts safely.

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