COVID-19 Changed the World

When 2020 began, we rejoiced the beginning of a new decade with promise of change in our personal and business lives. Technology enhancement and advancement is rapidly taking us to new levels of communication and interaction, and this is the decade we make a greater push in our digital transition and transformation.

Then came COVID-19. The world seemed to come to an immediate halt, or did it? For some the answer is yes, as their role in business has a mandatory requirement to physically be there in order to perform their tasks and meet customer demands. But for many office workers, it triggered an immediate shift to work from home. Remote workers now took on many roles from order processing, to teaching and many other jobs were now faced with online interaction using a variety of collaboration tools – and it worked.

Granted the transition may not have been strategic and smooth, but necessity being the Mother of Invention, or in this case Innovation, businesses were able to adapt their operations and continue. Employees found themselves pushed into a new way of working and rose to meet the change. The question now is, how many will maintain this new approach and how many will revert to the old ways of doing business.

In My View

I feel that those who maintain and further enhance their new ways of working will gain far more benefit and competitive advantage than those who decide to revert to the old ways of doing things. Physical plant costs can be lowered, productivity can be increased, and employee morale improved.

What are your plans?

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