Adapt and Overcome

This is a term I first heard in the movie Heartbreak Hill that Marines adapt and overcome their situations. In this case, some folks in Amsterdam came up with a novel idea to adapt and overcome the challenges of dining out while still maintaining social quarantine guidelines. They built a series of small greenhouses for their diners, keeping them in isolation yet still able to get out and enjoy the culinary delights they seek.

In an article I found on CNN titled “A restaurant in Amsterdam introduced ‘quarantine greenhouses’ so diners can eat while social distancing“, a restaurant known as “Mediamatic ETEN located in Amsterdam, is offering a four-course vegetarian menu for diners — served to guests while they sit in their own personal quarantine greenhouses.” This to me is a prime example of facing a business problem, identifying possibilities to address the problem, adapting the business to meet the new requirements, and overcoming the problem to become operational once again.

In My View

This is what businesses today are faced with on a global scale. There is a pandemic disruption causing businesses of all types to adapt and overcome in order to stay operational. For many office workers, this means working remotely from their homes. A concept that has been around since the early 1980s, (I worked on prototypes for this at Wang), but one that has seen much human reluctance. Not so much from the workers, but from a distrust by management that the workers will not be responsible or disciplined enough.

It is my view today, as it was then, that the reality is this can be done, and it is now proven many times over during this pandemic crisis. Workers I have spoken with are finding they are more productive, relaxed, and willing to continue along these lines once the crisis ends. The questions is one of management being comfortable with it.

There are many benefits that can result from a remote workforce, and not all roles are well suited to full-time remote work, but there are hybrids that can prove extremely beneficial for both employee and employer. How will you adapt and overcome?

Photo by © Robin Van Lonkhuijsen/ANP/AFP/Getty Images People have dinner in a so-called quarantine greenhouses in Amsterdam, on May 5, 2020 as the country fights against the spread of the COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.

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