COVID-19: A Real Game Changer

You can’t avoid hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is part of every news broadcast, all over the internet, and part of every conversation these days. There are a growing number of mandates to shelter in place, stay home, or whatever term your local government is using.

While this is a seriously dire situation health-wise, it has also created a serious situation when it comes to business operations and continuity. While there are occupations requiring in-person presence to operate, there are many jobs that can be conducted from home, something that has been discussed for many years now, and few have acted upon.

As a result of COVID-19, we are seeing an exponential increase of businesses adapting their operations to one of remote work for those who are not required to be there in-person. These include back office personnel, teachers, IT support, developers, customer services, television news media, healthcare advisory services (TeleDoc), and more.

The use of various cloud products is on the rise – some for free at the moment – allowing businesses to carry on. While there is a learning curve on the human side, it is nonetheless being carried out. In addition to business continuity, additional results include reductions in pollution, decreased use of fossil fuels, in many cases – it is bringing families closer together, and creating a surge of interest for the use of autonomous vehicles in logistics and delivery of goods.

In My View

Safety first should always take precedent over all else, and this is viral spread is with all of the restrictions is a prime example of what to do and not to do in order help prevent infection. Work from home is proving to be a viable option for many occupations to stay safe working from home, and an opportunity for businesses to take note of their results as we work together to get through this crisis.

My point here is that as businesses adapt to address operations using remote workers during this crisis, now is a good time to assess what is working well, what can be improved, and to develop a plan that continues and enhances this model for the future. Employee safety is a definite benefit of working from home, and there are many more when you take time to look at your processes, assess the viability of remote work models, and begin a permanent transition that suits your business needs.

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