Pandemic – Time to Change the Election Process

The world is no struggling in a fight against what is considered the worst viral outbreak since the early 1900s. We call it COVID-19, and the chaos it is creating not only impacts the health of humanity, it is impacting businesses of all types which in turn impacts the overall global economy, and each and every worker.

There is another major event on the horizon that could well be impacted by COVID-19, and that is the upcoming Presidential election in November. Given the current government guidelines and mandates to shelter in place, gather in groups of no more than ten, etc., what will happen if COVID-19 lingers as long as some predict, for more than a year? In many States, paper ballots are still the preferred method of casting a vote. Of course, one can vote by mail, but when do you have to request this, and how will it impact tabulation of the results.

In My View

Looking at this through the lens of process improvement and automation, this could well be the time to begin investigating the digitally transformation of our voting systems as are Australia, Canada, Estonia, France, and Norway. I know there are great concerns over security, audit trails, and the ability to conduct a recount if needed. I also know when planned right, technology can provide what is needed, and deliver positive results.

Will we see online voting in the near future, I doubt it. Could it be a possibility for the future, absolutely. The driving need is to have continuity in government while the barrier, is the human element.

Be safe everyone, and thank you for your support in reading my articles.


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