Printing – The Future of Construction

You read it right, 3D printing just may be the future of construction, not only for housing and bridges which I have written and talked about before, but now there is potential to pring nuclear reactors.

In an article from the Chattanooga Times Free Press titled “Oak Ridge advanced manufacturing facility develops technologies for new methods of production“, we are presented with the concept that a nuclear reactor could in fact be printed using specialized 3D printers with special materials and additives that allow the creation of micro and mini nuclear reactors capable of generating power for up to 1,000 homes.

In My View

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When 3D printing first hit the scene, many looked at it as a great tool to manufacture small toys and simple replacement parts. As I typically say, you never know the true potential of new technologies until many have been exposed to and use the technology – taking it to new application levels and breaking perceived barriers to new uses.

If you are my age – I will not disclose that here – to remember the cartoon show the Jetsons, buildings were demolished using lasers and new buildings printed to replace them. We are in the Jetsonian age. The only question now is how soon will construction projects become print jobs run by Master Architectural Printers? Time will tell and show us.

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