Technology Application Gone Awry? You Decide.

I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about this one. I read an article today about Russian Farmers using Virtual Reality to help their cows be more content, less stressed, and happier, in an effort to improve the quality of their milk production.

In the article titled “Russian dairy farmers gave cows VR goggles with hopes they would be happier and make better milk“, custom VR glasses are being used on cows at a farm located just outside of Moscow.

A special team of veterinarians, developers, and dairy production consultants developed these custom VR glasses for the cows and provide them with the experience of being in a sun filled field. Apparently to deliver a sense of calm for the cows.

While the results on milk production have not yet been conclusive, the team – according to the article – revealed a decrease in anxiety and a better emotional state of the cows. (Not sure how they tested that.)

In My View

I am not saying that the use of VR technology for this purpose is unreasonable, as I do believe there are many applications for technology yet to be explored. I know of farmers who play music in the milking areas as a means to calm their cows, but I a not sure the world is ready for herds of cows standing in a field wearing VR glasses projecting a field – in an effort to enhance nature itself.

The question I must ask is this, have we now placed so much emphasis on creating custom virtual environments to replace our real environment, that we must now include other animal species in the mix, rather than focusing on replenishing and maintaining our natural environment to provide naturally induced peace, tranquility and harmony back into our lives and the lives of other planetary species?

There are so many more questions I could ask, but I will let you decide for yourself.

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