Social Media Impact: A Hallucinogenic Reality

Hmm.. What is Bob up to? Or, what is he taking? The real question is what am I using? The answer to that is technology. I have technology of all types at my disposal and expectations to go along with them, based on promises made by the suppliers peddling them. (Isn’t it interesting how drug dealers and technology suppliers both refer to their clients as users and how the users get hooked on the suppliers products?)

Technology as we know, is embedded in each of our daily lives, both personally and at work. It grabs hold of you, enticing you to search for more, whether it be through social media, news streams, or video and music streams.

The power it places in our hands is strong and provides a force with which we can interact at all levels with minimal effort. According to an article published by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic titled ” Is it Possible to Become Addicted to Social Media?” the force can be so great that people can become addicted to it in the same ways they become addicted to alcohol and drug use.

In My View

Social media is a fantastic communications vehicle connecting family, friends, business acquaintances, etc. around the globe. It has rapidly become a platform of choice for news media, marketing and sales campaigns, and political campaigns.

Online shopping has been made simple, convenient, and many times, more affordable than traditional shopping methods, so it stands to reason, we humans would become so attached to using it. But do not let it become your hallucinogenic reality.

Just because you have 4,000 friends in Facebook, does not mean they are your friends, they are acquaintances. Just because something is the sale of the day, doesn’t mean you should buy it just because of the sale. Ask yourself if you really need it or is it simply an impulse purchase.

Are you addicted? I cannot answer that but if you cannot sit through a meal without looking at your phone for the latest news story, Facebook or Instagram post, or to answer a text message, and there are people who have physically come to enjoy your company, you just might be addicted and living in a hallucinogenic reality. If the first thing you do when you wake up – before you even leave your bed – is to check your phone, you just might be addicted.

Take a challenge of allotting time to interact on social media and read the news. Just as in the early days of email when the temptation was to immediately respond, set aside time for this as well. If you are out with friends and family, focus on them as they are the ones who are there with you in person seeking to interact with you live, not digitally.


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