Where Have All the Humans Gone?

Each day I see and hear more talk about businesses automating using both hardware and software robotics. Manufacturing robots, logistics robots, transactional robots, and so many more applications are evolving to replace human dependencies in business.

While I typically favor technology advancement, I also tend to ask questions about the impact technology will have in relation to business operations as well as the worker population. From a business perspective, there are many advantages like improved consistency, efficiency, profitability, and the ability for robots to perform their tasks with little to no down time. There are even opportunities for robotic use in emergency response to aid in addressing human casualties, search and rescue, and situational assessment.

On the human side, what happens to those displaced by such automation, and what happens to our economy when humans are replaced by automation, there is no plan in place to retrain for other positions, and the potential that no other positions are available?

In My View

I see many benefits of robotics and automation in the workplace. I also see many challenges for both humans and the economy as a whole. If humans are to be replaced over time by automation, what employment opportunities exist for displaced human employees, and what training is available to prepare these individuals to be employed in fields where living wages can be earned?

Society must look ahead to prepare for the inevitable time where humans are faced with employment challenges due to corporate automation. Training and focus should be on the trades, technical service and support for hardware robotics, Helpdesk support for software robots, and more including areas rapidly advancing in #d printing of vehicles, building, bridges, etc.

Embrace technology but at the same time, we must look to the future and prepare humans in these areas.

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