Business People Choose….

…gamblers leave it to chance.  One of the great Philosophers – Aristotle – said “Choice, not chance… determines your destiny.” In business and in our daily lives, we are constantly making choices. We choose to get up and go to work or not. We choose to automate our businesses, or not. We choose to embrace best practices and upgrade our technologies, or not. We choose to prepare for disaster and chaos, or not.

I have talked to many business owners over the years about preparing their businesses for various things like changes in the market, a catastrophic disaster, or changing regulatory rules and often hear “I’ll take my chances.” I then ask if they are so casual Confusedwith their personal lives and possessions. More often than not, I get a perplexed and sometimes angered look with a response of “no, I make sure my home and family are safe.” Yet in their business lives, for whatever reason, there is a willingness to leave things to chance and hope that disaster, regulatory audit, or rapid market shift doesn’t happen to them anytime soon.

In my view, nothing replaces being prepared even if we cannot prepare for 100% of the possibilities. Forward thinking Executives understand that what lies beyond the horizon must be addressed today and reassessed frequently in order to stay in the game competitively, recover from a disaster, or avoid fines and penalties that cost far more than the preparation needed to protect the business. It is a matter of choice. You can choose to be proactive and prepare today, or chance the eventuality you will have to react in the future, with hopes of muddling through to address the situation and save the business.



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