Hey! I know you

Or at least I think I do according to my facial recognition system. There is some debate going on about the use of facial recognition in public areas, used without specific notification to all who pass by. In other words, when facial recognition is being used in cities like San Fransisco which just banned the use of facial recognition by law enforcement.

Let’s face it – I know “bad pun” – facial recognition is in place by many apps we willingly use every day to unlock iPhones, access iTunes, and more. Yet when we talk about using this technology for law enforcement and consumer recognition in stores, that is an area of concern. Perhaps it is due to the level of discomfort in the accuracy of facial recognition.

If you are a traveler, imagine what it would be like to board a flight to anywhere and Future-of-Face-Recognition-Technologynever again need a boarding pass. Imagine that all you have to do is walk up, and let the facial recognition system take it from there. One quick pic, compare to the files maintained in a database, say the Customs and Border Patrol database used for the Global Entry System now, and you are allowed to pass through. No more fumbling in line with a paper boarding pass or the digital version on your phone.

I for one, as a frequent traveler, would appreciate that greatly given all of this information is already kept for my passport, Global Entry, and Clear enrolments. It is coming and here now with JetBlue where the claim is that since 2017, they have successfully incorporated facial recognition into their boarding process with 125,000 passengers on 1,400 flights.

Is facial recognition infallible? No. There are still some things to work out regarding accuracy or inaccuracy by untrained systems, but it is here and ready for prime time. The question is how far will the human race allow it to go and how much legislation will be enacted to harness its use for what some may consider unscrupulous reasons. I for one am in favor of exploring the possibilities on a more  universal level like healthcare. Imagine if all you had to do was smile for the camera and all of your information is made available to the Doctors and staff. No more fill-out the form marathons. How willing are you to embrace facial recognition?



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