Set Your Personal Goal

In 1984 I began working in R&D for Wang Laboratories and became involved with their document imaging technology – the foundation technology of what we all take for granted today. In 1986, I attended my first Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) conference, became a member, and took note of a special group of individuals known as the Company of Fellows. These individuals held special recognition for their accomplishments in the field of Information Management (IM) and involvement with AIIM to help mentor, educate, and move IM to new levels. This I decided, was where I someday had hoped to be. That day came on March 28, 2019 when I became Fellow 221 in the 57th year of the AIIM Company of Fellows.

FellowsThis for me was my Professional goal, to make a difference, to help drive education, innovation, and interest for what we do, forward. It is a goal I set way back in 1986 and kept in front of me throughout my career. Receiving the award was very gratifying but I have to say, it is the journey that is most rewarding. Making new acquaintances, taking on new challenges, and witnessing first-hand how what you do makes an impact in business and even some people’s personal lives.

My point here is that you need to set some personal goals. Whether these be in business or your personal life, it is essential to help you keep focus and achieve your desired outcome. When working on projects, set the goal and work toward that goal with the intention of never waning or abandoning your journey. In my mind, everything is possible – it just may take longer and more effort than you thought to get there. Set your sights high and enjoy the journey. Don’t be afraid of change, to ask the tough questions, and welcome the answers even if they are not what you want to hear. It will make you stronger, help you become more well-rounded in your thinking, and take you farther than you can imagine.

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