Weed the Information Garden

When you want your garden to shine and have the flowers stand out, you remove the weeds. The reason being the weeds can over grow the flowers to the point of killing them, you want the flowers to stand out so you can find and admire them, and you want to share their beauty for all to see.

pulling weedsWhen you think of your information ecosystem, the same holds true, though admiring the information may not be part of the discussion, but certainly having the ability to find it and share it without overwhelming those who seek it is desirable. Who knows, the consumers of your informaiton may admire you for your informaiton gardening skills.

What I am saying here is that information of no value, that is outdated, and redundant informaiton are like weeds in your garden. If you are trying to find the right information accurately and in a timely manner, you must eliminate the weeds or pay the price of trampling through them to find your information flowers.

How well do you keep your information garden and do you weed is often? Are you able to quickly find and differentiate the information flowers from the weeds? Maybe it is time to look at your information ecosystem as a garden and start weeding.


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