Thirsting for Knowledge

When it comes to technology and the application of technology to solve business problems, business leaders, Department Managers, and IT professionals are on a never-ending journey to learn about the latest technologies and best practices they can bConfusedring back to their organizations. The knowledge they seek comes from many sources including formalized training, seminars, and conferences.


In late December of 2018, I had the opportunity to attend a conference in South Florida known as ITPalooza organized by the South Florida Technology Allianceand the ITPalooza Organizing Committee. This event was unlike most I have attended in that businesses of all types were represented ranging from Doc Solutions, to Ultimate Software, to Florida Robotics, to the FBI, and even AutoNation. Each sponsor was there discussing their technology focus, culture, solutions, and recruiting new talent. In short, they were teaching about real life business solutions while at the same time, trying to entice attendees to join their teams.

As with many of the conferences I attend, the business problems remain the same. There are security and data privacy challenges, regulatory and legal compliance requirements to be met, interest in how to leverage new technology to enhance business operations, and ways to improve corporate culture to encourage and drive innovation. No matter what the topic, more than whether it be Internet of Things, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, or AI and Machine Learning, each session was filled to capacity by the more than 1,500 attendees seeking knowledge they can apply to their own business problems. The reason they are here, as one person stated, is not only to learn from the sessions and sponsors, but to make new connections and expand their peer networks and exchange ideas and experiences in the future.

There are many ways to learn and gain knowledge, with conferences being one that I feel is extremely important, especially from a peer-to-peer networking perspective. ITPalooza seems to have filled that need locally, and I look forward to seeing it grow. I also encourage you to look at the international events like the Document Strategy Forum, AIIM Conference, and even specialized events hosted by vertical associations like NIRMA (Nuclear Information and Records Management Association). Here you will not only gain insights about technology and its business application, your peer to peer network will be substantially enhanced and knowledge increased to include how business organizations like yours, from other countries, are solving their business problems.


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