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The enterprise, seen by many as a corporate entity contained in a local region or globally dispersed. Enter the era of the Universal Enterprise – expanding beyond the bounds of the Earth. NASA has created a Universal Enterprise, setting up a remote entity on a different planet, expanding their enterprise through the Mars Rover that is transmitting data back to Earth. This takes the concept of enterprise and the Internet of Things to a new level.

In addition, we are hearing of planned project to colonize Mars, the Moon, and who knows how many other possibilities exist for humanity to expand its reach. Looking out to the future of business, this means that corporate enterprises could grow beyond the bounds of Earth with an ability to conduct interplanetary transactions, increasing a need for intelligent information management practices, security, and technology. something to consider today, as tomorrow is rapidly approaching.

In My View

The Universal Enterprise is here today, and being proven as a result of the projects NASA initiated as far back as the Voyager series – still transmitting data from beyond the solar system. Data collection through remote devices, IOT if you will, has been in existence for several decades. We just never recognized it until now, and are employing this approach more rapidly than ever for business reasons.

The Universal Enterprise is evolving with the possibility of near future business transactions becoming a reality. Suppliers of food, technology, clothing, etc. are already in place, providing goods through NASA to maintain life on the space station and soon – Mars. Colonizing the Moon could set up a situation where it serves as a truck stop of today, where interplanetary vehicles can stop on their way to a destination planet in our solar system or beyond. The same could be said of the space station and others that could be built for specific purposes throughout the galaxy.

There are businesses already thinking about this and positioning to be ready when the time comes. The question I have for you is this: Is your business ready to meet the challenges of the future? What about the challenges of business today?


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