2019: Ending Another Decade

Here we are at the beginning of the end of another decade. 2019 marks the end of this decade with an eye on 2020. (So what will 20/20 be called after this year?) The irony in all of this is since the 1980 and every decade since, technology advances with the goal of making businesses operate more smoothly, streamlined, and every other term you can think of, but we are still dealing with the same old business problems.

The reason is not the technology per se, but mainly the human factor and a reluctance to move forward with technology for various reasons. These reasons can and often include a lack of understanding about the technology, lack of education in the technology, unrealistic expectations of what the technology can and will do for them, and my favorite of all – a lack of focus or purpose for the technology in the business. What business problem are you trying to solve or process are you trying to improve? What is the business goal of your efforts?

In My View

2019 can be the year where businesses truly focus on specific goal sets, get the training and understanding that is needed to move their organizations forward in flowchartwell planned business transformations using technology. The direction for this must come from the top and seen as a priority. We talk about seamless information access, yet interoperability and integration across systems is still not there. We talk about simple user interfaces, yet complexity still dominates when capture, search, and finding information.

It doesn’t help that our Federal Government leaders continue to promote the use of paper for balloting with the belief it is more secure than digital and nearly infallible as proposed in the 2019 Federal Congressional House Resolution 1. Yes, I agree that digital can be hacked, but paper ballots in this century should be retired as they too are subject to manipulation, disposal, and misinterpretation.

If you believe in making New Year resolutions, let’s make this year the year we all become more aware of technology capabilities, learn how it is best applied and where is can help solve business problems, and truly plan for it by setting goals, proper expectations, and measurements to ensure successful business transformation.

Bob Larrivee is President and Founder of Bob Larrivee Consultancy, a recognized expert in the application of advanced technologies and process improvement, a Journalist on Information Technology for Document Strategy, and Advisory Board member to several software companies. In his career, Bob has led many projects and authored hundreds of eBooks, Industry Reports, Blogs, Articles, and Infographics. In addition, he has served as host and guest Subject Matter Expert on a wide variety of Webinars, Podcasts, Virtual Events, and lectured at in-person seminars and conferences around the globe.

Bob can be reached at bob@boblarriveeconsulting.com and his website is www.boblarriveeconsulting.com


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