Innovating Cultural Preservation

From the beginning of time, communication has been key in the development of communities and civilizations of long past. Archeologists and Historians have found not only how people communicated but also preserved their history using everything from cave drawings to the video capabilities of today, in an effort to preserve those slices of time for future generations.

Today, in a Forbes article titled “Turning To AI Too Save Endangered Languages“, we see that AI is being used to save languages from becoming extinct and forgotten. Not only is this a way to preserve the language, it is also being used to teach these languages to the indigenous people descended from those lost civilizations. In short, AI is learning and teaching in ways that pass this component of a culture to the next generations, when it may have otherwise been lost. Once the responsibility of the community elders, this ensures long-term preservation and transference from generation to generation.

The Sun TeacherAdditionally, preservation of arts, ceremonies, beliefs, and other cultural elements can be made ready through the use of AI. Imagine finding that you are a descendant of an indigenous community, have never been exposed to it, but are interested to learn more about it. AI can help you reconnect with your ancestral heritage and even teach you the language.

In My View

Preservation using AI to archive cultural artifacts like language, art, and more – but also utilize this information as a learning tool for future generations – is an outstanding use of technology. For some years now, we have been scanning documents of all types, preserving historical information. In this scenario AI takes preservation a step further, to where it should be used – teaching . Imagine how this will enhance the capabilities of archaeologists, historians, and preservationists as they continue to reach back in time uncovering the past and prepare for the future.

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