I See Right Through You

Growing up, every comic book I read had a series of ads in the back and one of my favorites was the X-ray Glasses. The promotion said you could look through your hands, and even through clothing. I had a friend that actually bought a pair and was a bit disappointed.

Today, I was reading about a real pair of X-ray glasses used to prepare surgeons for various procedures. No, these are not like XRAY SPECSthe ones I remember. According to a HealthImaging article, the solution combines the Microsoft HoloLens with the Novarad OpenSight Augmented Reality System (ARS) and has been given a 510(k) clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In short, this solution allows surgeons to visualize a patients internal structure – multidimensional. In the example provided in the article, the patient is shown lying down with an image of his spine, ribs, hips, etc. displayed for viewing. This represents what the surgeon sees in AR, enabling pre-operative viewing and planning prior to the actual surgical procedure.

In My View

This a prefect example of enhancing technology for the betterment of humankind. In this case, without ever making an incision, surgeons are able to view the areas in question, identify potential risk factors, and plan accordingly without the risk of going in blind. This in turn means that surgery can become much more focused, effective, and potentially take less time based on the prior knowledge gained from this solution.

The next question in my mind, is how long before it is used for other applications like security screening of containers and potentially people. Could this technology be applied in ways that further enhance airport screening, in-bound shipping containers, and even vehicles entering restricted areas?

Would you like to by some X-ray glasses?

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