The Role of Corporate Leadership

There is a video I ran across and viewed this morning – This Is Why You Don’t Succeed – Simon Sinek on The Millennial – that really got me thinking about corporate leadership today.

In this video, there is discussion about why millennials are the way they are and the reasons they act the way they do. (I will not reveal it all here, as I think this is a video that must be viewed in order to really get the message in context.) In short, what Simon Sinek brings out is that, it is what it is when it comes to millennials in the workplace and corporations must now figure out how to address them and help them assimilate into corporate society – the real world.

For in the real world, there are winners and losers, there is a lot of hard work to be done, and the impact of what you do may take years not seconds to be realized. This is where corporate leadership makes the difference and a lack thereof will result in stress, anguish, and failure.

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When I was coming up through the corporate ranks, there was true leadership with a clear vision of the business we were in, customers we served, and mentoring that helped me channel ideas, focus on goals, and shape myself to be who I am today. Distractions were removed, and interactions with peers and management encouraged. Employees came before all else, which in turn drove job satisfaction, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Mentors helped me understand what was truly expected of me, prepared me for growth within the company, and taught me how to address the political climate – something not taught in schools.

In My View

Simon Sinek is spot on in his assessment of today’s corporate reality. Millennials need the leadership and mentoring of days past, that in many corporations, is sorely lacking. The millennial have great ideas and represent where the future can go, but unless there is a way to engage in a constructive way, innovation will lag, the drive to succeed will diminish, and eventually status quo takes hold.

Corporations, government agencies, and any organization facing the millennial challenge will benefit greatly by embracing millennials and working to channel their ideas, energy, and desire to make an impact in a positive way. Leadership not managing is the way to succeed.

I am not saying that corporations should cater to every whim. What I am saying is this is reminiscent of the days when I entered the workforce. Companies that dictated the ways things got done, because it was the way it had always been done, eventually died. Those who had solid leadership and proactively mentored their employees, grew and became the leaders in their industry. Manage of lead millennials? To me, the choice is clear.

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