Living on the Edge

There is a lot of talk these days around “Edge” computing. It is a term known by some but there are many who do not understand it. In fact I had one person quip, “do you mean using the latest pre-release software versions and hoping it doesn’t mess up too severely?” While this could be considered living on the edge, in this case it is not.

In simple terms, Edge computing refers to applications, data, and computational capabilities away from the central servers to the extremities of the enterprise information overloadnetwork using server farms and clustering techniques. The concept being one of placing the horsepower where it is needed, closer to the point of capture and interactions with the physical world. One example of this may be the ability to leverage recognition technologies for data extraction, on the mobile device used to capture the information.

In My View

Edge computing delivers some powerful capabilities and benefits and when coupled with the cloud, brings the affordability into range for the Small-Medium sized Business segment (SMB). Edge computing supports the fundamental focus of process improvement and automation by moving the ingestion and processing of captured data closer to the beginning of a process, eliminating potential bottlenecks.

Like any technology, Edge computing must be planned for with a specific purpose in mind, and understanding that connectivity will play a role in effectiveness. It also means considerations must include application design for mobility and scalability, deployment methods, and synchronization across nodes and applications.

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