Change Comes from Within


How many times have you heard this statement, “change comes from within”? In my life I have heard it from motivational speakers, Preachers, and lots of other folk in relation to personal lives. Truth is, this applies to businesses as well. Many times, throughout my career, I have heard people in various businesses say, “It is what it is” and I typically respond with, “but is it what it could be?” Change in your personal life is possible if you are willing and change in business is possible if the organization is willing and the culture is one that accepts change.

We all know that change is inevitable. We witness change every day reading articles, watching the news, monitoring social media, and even strolling through a mall. New features are available in the day-to-day appliances we use at home, in our vehicles, and in the workplace. But are we open to change the ways we work or stay in our comfort zones and do things the way they have been done?

Case in point. We are willing to sign for purchase made in a department store using our credit cards for payment, yet less willing to accept this same kind of signature as valid in our business lives. Why is it OK to use this technology personally, but not professionally? Is it because the stakes are higher in our professional lives? Or is it that level of comfort we get with our traditional ways of working? We know that if we accepted and incorporated eSignatures into our business processes, transactions and operations would be streamlined, more consistent, and under better control.

In my view, it is not the technology in question, but human reluctance to change that hinders many projects and forward movement in a business’ digital transformation journey. Change is possible, but willingness to change must first come within the organization. If the culture is open to change, acceptance to change comes more readily.

Bob Larrivee is a recognized expert in the application of advanced technologies and process improvement to solve business problems and enhance business operations. In his career, Bob has led many projects and authored hundreds of eBooks, Industry Reports, Blogs, Articles, and Infographics. In addition, he has served as host and guest Subject Matter Expert on a wide variety of Webinars, Podcasts, Virtual Events, and lectured at in-person seminars and conferences around the globe.

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  1. . Change for me is diffacult. My brain is wired to do the same thing over and over, I also know how challenging it can be to go through change, but the positive consequence can be truly awesome.

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