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37650647_10156681470954874_5265374801018486784_nWelcome to the Bob Larrivee Consultancy.

While technology application may be the goal, in order to soar with the eagles of your market space, you have to take a more holistic approach than implementing technology alone. Success depends upon a proper alignment between people, process, governance, and technology. The key being that technology alone is not a complete solution to business problems.

At Bob Larrivee Consultancy, our focus is on solving business problems placing people first, for it is the people who know the business, and get things done. It is the people who know how things operate, and provide insight on what works best, and what needs attention. It is the people who will affect change in an organization.

Let us help you move your organization forward. Whether your focus is full business transformation using technolgy as an enabler across the enterprise, improving your business processes, understanding what and where your information assets are, or you just need validation and guidance on a project. We can help.

The time to start is now. The partner to help you through is Bob Larrivee Consultancy.


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